Dental Fillings

When children’s teeth become worn, cracked, or decayed, fillings restore the teeth and protect them against further damage and infection. Throughout the process of filling cavities, our Harbor Kids Dental team constantly works to make the process as stress-free as possible for your child.

What Types of Dental Fillings Are Used?

Fillings made of metal are best for deep cavities that reach the tooth’s root or that are located between two teeth. Metal fillings are more durable, so they are also well suited for cavity treatment in molars whose main purpose is to break down food.

Resin composite fillings do not last as long as metal fillings, but they blend in nicely with the natural ivory color of teeth. Composite fillings are best utilized for cavities in the visible front portion of the mouth. 

Why Repair Baby Teeth?

Even though a child’s first set of teeth will not last forever, these teeth perform important functions. They assist your child in digesting food, they save space and guide the development of permanent teeth, and they increase your child’s confidence with a full, complete smile. Ignoring deep decay in baby teeth can lead to the need for a root canal. Removing the teeth too early can contribute to future orthodontic issues. Only if the tooth is about to fall out naturally will a professional recommend extraction over fillings.

When we identify decay in our patients at Harbor Kids Dental, we discuss treatment options with parents and fully explain how fillings work. Trust our team to provide professional, attentive dental care for your child in Aberdeen, or Olympia, Washington.