Dental Extractions & Space Maintainers

At Harbor Kids Dental in Aberdeen, and Olympia, Washington, we believe all dental care should be carried out as painlessly as possible for the child. This belief extends to extractions and space maintainer placement. Using our high level of skill, we conduct routine tooth extractions on a regular basis. Extractions are a normal procedure and only completed when necessary for present and future dental health.

Why Extract a Baby Tooth?

There are multiple reasons for tooth extractions in children. Some children’s baby teeth might suffer from devastating tooth decay. A tooth could have been irreparably damaged in an accident. Some problematic baby teeth hinder the proper development of the adult set. In some cases, an extra tooth may begin to develop behind an existing tooth.

Home Care after Dental Extractions

The dentist will place gauze on the empty tooth socket immediately following extraction. The area will bleed for up to one day until a clot forms. Until clotting occurs, hold clean gauze to the area. Keep the child’s mouth clean by rinsing it with salt water at regular intervals throughout the day. If the child develops a fever, contact the office right away.

Space Maintainers 

When children lose a baby tooth early, whether due to an extraction or an accident, the adult tooth may not have had time to develop. The remaining baby teeth may shift and block the new opening, creating orthodontic problems in the future when adult teeth begin to erupt. Space maintainers are devices made of plastic or metal that support remaining baby teeth and prevent crowding in the gap. Space maintainers can be either permanent or removable.

Harbor Kids Dental provides all patients with personalized, professional care. We will make any necessary tooth extraction as painless as possible for your child, and they will receive custom-fitted space maintainers to help ensure additional complications do not arise in the future.