Exams and Dental Cleaning

At our Aberdeen, and Olympia Washington, offices, our teams know the importance of a regular exam and dental cleaning for all of our patients, but we also recognize the anxiety some children feel as the appointment draws near. We encourage parents to sit in the exam room with their child to offer comfort and support. Both parent and child will be fully informed on what we’re looking for during the dental exam.

The purpose of a dental exam is to detect cavities, periodontal disease and any oral hygiene habits in need of improvement. If needed, digital X-rays are taken of your child’s jaw. The dentist discusses the results of the X-ray and recommends any additional treatment based on the findings.

When to Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Exams

The American Dental Association recommends children visit the dentist for the first time by age 1, or whenever their first tooth erupts. Going forward, children should get a regular dental exam once every six months.

What Happens During the Dental Cleaning?

If necessary, our caring and gentle hygienists will perform a preventive cleaning before the exam. They will remove built-up plaque and tartar that has collected in between teeth and at the gum line. After flossing your child’s teeth, they will brush and polish the surfaces and possibly apply a fluoride seal.

Scheduling regular exams and dental cleanings at Harbor Kids Dental in Tacoma, Aberdeen, or Olympia, Washington, will help keep teeth in optimum health, prevent the need for potentially uncomfortable and expensive dental procedures and help to maintain a white, clean smile.