Dental Treatments

Pediatric dentistry is a recognized specialty of the American Dental Association (ADA), and in order to obtain certification, pediatric dentists must earn a general dentistry degree, then train for an additional two to three years. Their residency training prepares them to diagnose and treat a wide range of pediatric dental issues and care for children who may face mental and physical challenges.

What is the Role of a Children’s Dentist?

The primary goal of a children’s dentist is to educate both parent and child on proper tooth care. The facts and tooth maintenance skills learned through visiting a pediatric dentist set the stage for the child’s lifelong dental health awareness. Regular exams and cleanings from a pediatric dentist will help prevent tooth decay, not just because your child’s teeth get a thorough cleaning, but because the dentist will instruct your child on how to execute a proper dental hygiene plan. They teach parents how to protect their child’s teeth from accidents and how to institute a well-rounded diet to keep teeth healthy.

Pediatric dentists also focus on consistently monitoring their patients’ oral development. At each appointment, the dentist can also take note of any symptoms of a potentially larger problem. Professionals skilled at spotting issues before they arise can suggest treatment options that may curtail problems and reduce the need for more intensive corrective treatment methods in the future. If the child would benefit from a device like a mouthguard or space maintainer, the pediatric dentist will discuss detailed options with the parent.

Why Work With the Dentists at Harbor Kids Dental?

Children and adolescents differ from adults both physically and psychologically. Dr. Van Bibber is able to identify the dental needs of children from infancy through adulthood. Additionally, our dentists comprehend the realm of child psychology. He understands how children process and view the world. He knows to avoid using words like “pain” or “needle.” He can explain dental treatments in easy-to-comprehend language so children feel informed and comforted. He realizes the importance of establishing a positive foundation for the child’s outlook on dental treatment.

Form a partnership with Harbor Kids Dental in Aberdeen, or Olympia, Washington, and let’s work together to promote excellent dental health in your child’s life.