Dental Emergencies and Trauma

If your child experiences a dental trauma in Aberdeen or Olympia, Washington, Harbor Kids Dental is ready and available to provide emergency care. From the time your toddlers begin to explore their environment through the intensity of gradeschool sports, all children run the risk of loosening, chipping, breaking or losing both baby and adult teeth.

Dental Trauma: What Should You Do if Your Child Knocks Out a Tooth?

When children lose one of their permanent teeth, there is no time to waste. First, pick up the lost tooth by the crown surface, not the root. Rinse it with water, but do not dry it or wrap it in cloth. If the tooth is still intact and clean, place it back in the socket. Place a piece of gauze in the child’s mouth and instruct him or her to bite down gently to hold the tooth in place.

If the tooth will not fit back into the socket, place it in a glass of milk or place it inside the child’s cheek during the trip to the dentist. If the tooth is left in the open air to dry, it may be impossible to save. Seek immediate emergency dental care within 30 minutes of tooth loss to increase the chance the tooth can be saved.

Dental Emergencies: What if Your Child Chips a Tooth?

A chipped tooth may not seem as serious as complete tooth loss, but the impact could have created a crack in the tooth that reaches the root. When the tooth is deeply fractured and the interior is exposed, the child runs a high risk of infection.

If your child chips a tooth, immediately rinse out his or her mouth with water. Locate the missing piece of tooth if possible and bring it to the dentist for possible repair.

Contact Harbor Kids Dental in Aberdeen, or Olympia, Washington the moment your child experiences dental trauma – we’re prepared for any and all emergencies.