About Us

Harbor Kids Dental is a kids dental office located in Aberdeen, and Olympia, Washington, specializing in providing dental care to children beginning at age 1 and continuing throughout the adolescent years up to twenty years of age.

Visiting the dentist can be nerve-wracking, even if the child has had a positive experience in the past. Fear of the unknown is common among new patients, especially when it involves dental care.

We understand it is vital to go above and beyond to make every child feel comfortable. An enjoyable dental experience can change children’s whole outlook on regular checkups, as well as how they feel about taking care of their teeth at home. Our mission is to reinforce positive attitudes toward dental care. We want your children to look forward to their dentist visits.

How do we make this happen? First of all, we build a personal relationship with each and every child. We care about their dental health, but we also care about their lives. We will ask questions about sports, activities and friendships. We share funny stories to make your child laugh. And we remember the details. Your child will feel visiting the dentist is like visiting an old friend.

Once we’ve established a friendly rapport, we encourage our patients to strive for excellence in their daily toothcare regimen. We provide them with the tools and information they need to succeed, and we congratulate them on their progress.

Our offices also provide the welcoming environment necessary to help your children let their guard down and relax. We have entertainment options to keep them busy while they wait for their appointment, and even during the exam itself. With TVs in every room with kid-friendly programming, your child may even forget they are at the dentist at all. Both parent and child will enjoy the time spent at Harbor Kids Dental and coming twice a year won’t bother either of you one bit.