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Pediatric DentistWelcome to Harbor Kids Dental, a children’s dentistry practice located in Aberdeen, and Olympia Washington, where we focus on forming a positive relationship with all the children we meet while paying close attention to their oral health.


Dental care is a key component of physical and mental well-being, and a clean, healthy smile can inspire a child’s confidence. Regular checkups at our office and consistent brushing and flossing at home help keep dental problems at bay. Most importantly, we want all of our pediatric patients to learn the value of taking care of their teeth – knowledge that will carry over and serve them well into adulthood.


We believe dentistry can be exciting for children of all ages — it does not have to be a dreaded experience. The fun will not stop when it’s time for a dentist appointment — that’s when it will begin!


Friendly Children’s Dentist

As soon as you enter Harbor Kids Dental, your child will immediately feel the warmth of our first-class staff. Each professional on our team is a big kid at heart. We know how to relate to your children, explaining each step of their dental examination along the way in terms they understand. By becoming an expert communicator in your child’s language, we will chase away any fear or trepidation they feel about visiting the dentist.


We encourage your children from their very first visit, providing helpful, constructive tips on Pediatric Dentist Aberdeenhow to keep their teeth clean, engaging and empowering them to take charge of their own oral health. After a few friendly conversations, they understand without a doubt that taking care of their teeth is a practice they need to be serious about. They want to follow through with their promise to brush and floss daily — because now they know it’s of crucial significance.


Our team members are fully trained in providing care for children and adolescents up to age 20. We are skilled at handling unique dental issues, but we especially concentrate on prevention. From the time children’s first teeth appear around their first birthday to the day they leave for college with a full set of adult teeth, proper professional attention can guide tooth growth and development, ensuring your child has the finest smile possible.


If you are looking for a top-notch pediatric dental office in the Aberdeen or Olympia, Washington, area, Harbor Kids Dental will not disappoint.